Description :

»  STORAGE TANK: Storage tank is made from Stainless Steel 316 sheet (marine grade steel) / copper sheet to prevent the tank from corrosion and for long lasting services.

»   COLLECTOR CASING: Weather tight Construction of corrosion resistant aluminum extruded sections / G.I.

 »   GLAZING: Single pane 4.0mm thick low iron toughened glass rupture resistance and having over 85% Transmittances and low reflectance to eliminate glare.

 »   ABSORBER PLATE: Made of grooved copper sheet and copper tube structure soldered to each other providing maximum contact area for excellent heat transfer between sheet and tubes. The absorber plate is coated with black nickel chrome coating to produce a superior selective surface having absorptivity 95% and very low emission of 20%.

 »   ALUMINUM FOIL: Attached to the insulation to reflect the emitted heat radiation to the absorber plate, thus minimizing heat loss at the back.

 »   INSULATION: High density rockwool slabs are used a bottom and sides of the absorber plate to minimize heat loss.

 »   BACK PAN: Made of Aluminum Sheet / G.I.

 »   TUBING GRID: 12 mm copper water ways silver-brazed to 25mm copper manifolds with an optimal ratio between diameters.

 »   PIPING CONNECTION: Can be made at four locations, with the help of bolts and nuts with rubber seals between the joints.

Model 100 150 200 300 400 500
Capacity 100 LPD 150 LPD 200 LPD 300 LPD 400 LPD 500 LPD
No. of Collectors 1 1 2 2 3 4
Inst. Area Reqd. 2.75 m2 2.85 m2 5.50 m2 5.75 m2 9.75 m2 12.50 m2
Elec. Backup(Optional) 2kWh 2kWh 3kWh 3kWh 4kWh 4kWh
Weight-Dry (in Kg) 96 103 165 176 235 286
Wet (in Kg) 199 256 371 483 644 799
Absorber Material BP SC BP SC SC SC
Collector Box Alu. Extruded Section / G.I.,Alu. / G.I.,Sheet bottom
Storage Tank Material Stainless Steel 316 grade sheet (marine grade steel)/ copper sheet
Tank Outer Cover Aluminium Sheet
Tank Stand M.S.Fabrication
Tank Insulation Rockwool
Glazing 4mm tnick low iron toughened glass